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These are the toys I am actively looking for, but not limited to this listing:
Buddy “L" Tug Boat 3000
This Buddy ‘L” Model appeals to boys because it not only looks like a big boat but it actually runs like one.
OPERATION: Air is pumped into a large, separate air tank, built into the hull of the boat, with an ordinary bicycle pump—when this air is released it operates an ingenious air motor, directly connected to the tank, and this rotates the brass, three-blade type propeller and sends the craft through the water. The speed is governed by a regulating valve on the stern deck and direction of travel is controlled by special steering device which locks the rudder in any position desired.
Buddy  L Coach Number 208
This model is considered by many as the finest plaything ever produced. It embodies all the beautiful lines, harmony of coloring and distinctive design to be found in the finest coaches operating on the highways. The chassis is strong and rugged with channel type frame - drop forged spindles - high carbon steel axels - 3" aluminum front wheels and heavy duty type dual rear wheels. Steering or guiding is accomplished by simply turning the spare wheels forward or backward and can be done while the child rides on top. The body is made of 20 gauge steel with two hinged entrance doors, at extreme front and is fitted with two rows of steel coach chairs. It is perfect in every detail with double bar bumper - large radiator, fitted heat meter - gracefully curved fenders - stream line hood - service type lights - sunshade - signal lights ect. Finished with two coats, baked on, brilliant blue gray enamel, striped in deep red and trimmed in
Keystone Coast to Coast ride on Greyhound Bus.
This is one of the best toys made by Keystone and hard to find in any condition. This bus has an opening "roof" that allowed kids to store items inside the bus and ride it at the same time. There is a mechanical arm to connect to the inner steering wheel that allows for the roof opening.

Rare Keystone Ride On Railway Express Agency Sreenside truckRare Keystone Ride On Railway Express Agency Sreenside truck

This Keystone ride on Screenside Express agency Ride on truck is one of a few know examples of this terrific toy. It was not cataloged and believed to be a prototype run.

Buddy L Flivver Model T Touring
buddy l made a series of terrific versions of the Model T, this version is of a touring coupe, Buddy L Toys also made Flivvers of Model T pickups, convertibles and a 4 post touring Sedan. Condition is everything with these toys as well as the original Buddy L logos that appear on the bottom of each Flivver.


Kingsbury Bluebird Racer

This model is representative of the Bluebird that set the world land speed record by Malcolm Campbell. This toy includes the popular Kingsbury windup "motor" and includes a nickel plated cast iron driver. These are hard to find in good condition an are almost always missing the decals shown
Sturditoy American La France Water Tower No 9Sturditoy American La France Water Tower No 9
This Firetruck is a beautiful Representation of an American LaFrance Water Tower Truck. It includes a water pump, rear steering mechanism, decorative headlights, nickle plated bumper. This beautiful truck is over 2 feet long.

 I am building this site as a terrific reference site for collectors and anyone interested in the history of old pressed steel toys. My goal is to share my enthusiasm for these terrific pieces of craftsmanship.


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